Advanced Fluid simulation & optimization

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Here is what we do :

Flow modelization

We provide advanced flow modelization. Our service include 3D, unsteady, dynamic meshes simulations. We constantly maintain an extensive validation database, for best accuracy.

Custom development

If your application is specific enough, it will require custom development. Most of the times, out-of-the-box software are not general enough to handle every possible situation. This is why we provide code development and software extension, tailored to your needs.

Multi-physics coupling

There are thousands of different codes out there, each with a specific application in mind. They are very good at one thing usually, but if you really want to tackle an engineering problem as a whole, we provide service to integrate several tools into one powerful, multi-physics model.

Design Optimization

In every industrial application, cost and efficiency are essential to a successful product. We provide automatic multi-objectives optimization services, so that you can quickly converge to the best possible design.

We bring the best of academic research to your industrial applications

About us

We bring the best of academic research to your industrial applications

Universities provide the most advanced scientific modelization available, but often lack the ability to implement it in a real world context. We often act as the missing link between the two worlds, bringing the best of academic research to your industrial applications.

  • percent of project involving universities

    Most of the collaborative project we are part of also involve universities

  • scientific publications per year

    Presenting our work to the scientific community is the best way for us to demonstrate the level of our service

  • years of exeperience in fluid modelization

    We have been delivering quality results since 2006

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